– Getting the new Brand peace Ambassador Certificate from National Peace Unison (India)

– 14. June 2018 ,  Anna Leonova is One of Three Gold Medal Winners in Artistic Creation (Liberexpress Media Agency) ,Paris, France

– 6. March 2018 great violoncellist Ivan Kucher performs “Prelude for Violoncello” Solo of Anna Leonova in Organ Hall, Kiev

– New Promotion of Anna Leonova by District Da Capo

– 26. May 2016 Songs of Anna Leonova (words by Emily Dickinson) will be performing in Concert in Chile

– 15. April 2016 at 21:00 pianist Dino Mastroyiannis(Greece) and the Niš Symphony Orchestra (Serbia) conducted by Milena Injac will perform Anna Leonova’s “Poem” for Piano left hand and Chamber Orchestra, dedicated to Dino Mastroyiannis at “Evmelia” V International Music Festival, Greece

 – 27. January 2016 at 7:30 pm will be “Bach and Contemporaneity” Concert in the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine, Kiev, where great cellist Ivan Kucher will play music of Anna Leonova

  – At 27. July  2015 music of Anna Leonova (Prelude for Violoncello Solo and “Lyrical Duet” for Violin and Violoncello) will be performed by Ivan Kucher (Violoncello) and Anatolii Bazhenov (Violin) in the National House of Organ and Chamber Music of Ukraine, Kiev

 – At 26. May  2015 will be performed the new work of Anna Leonova – “Lyrical Duet” for Violin and Violoncello by. Sofia Grabovska (Violin) and Ivan Kucher (Violoncello) at “Music Premieres of the Season” Festival, Kyiv Ukraine

 – 4. April 2015 Anna Leonova was elected as Art World Minister of Internationla Parliament (France)

 – New Article on CMuse about Anna Leonova: