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Anna Leonova is a Composer of Contemporary Classical Music, Deutscher Musikrat’s Composer in Residence (2022-23), Gold Medal winner by Artistic creation (Paris, France), Art World Minister of International Parliament, member of National Union of Composers of Ukraine, Ambassador of international network for art professionals Artilinki (France), Pianist, Composition teacher, Piano and Music theory teacher.

After leaving Kyiv Specialized Secondary Music boarding school named after M. V. Lysenko , she entered the P.Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine, and later in 2002 Anna completed her postgraduate studies at the P.Tchaikovsky National Music Academy of Ukraine.

Anna Leonova was thrilled to write the music for German Kuss Quartett – they performed it on plenty concerts – in Paris, in Florence, in Naples, in Cagliari, in Heilbronn etc. Also Kuss Quartett has performed Anna’s music (Die Ruinen) on German TV ( NDR Kultur).

Anna’s music has been performed at various Festivals and Concerts throughout the world, such as „Mallery Concert Series“ (Camden, New Jersey, USA), “TCU Festival of Ukrainian Chamber Music” (Texas,USA), Cello Recital (Madison, Wisconsin, USA), „Mammern Classics“ (Mammern, Switzerland), “Evmelia” Festival (Volos, Greece), Festival of Ukrainian Composers (Vina del Mar, Chile), “Between Works” (Chile), “ Kyiv Music Fest “ (Kyiv, Ukraine), “ Music Premieres of the Season “ (Kyiv), “ Forum of young music “ (Kyiv), „Contrasts“ (Lviv), Concert of Violoncello Solo (Sainte-Ode, Belgium).

 Anna Leonova also collaborated with famous Greek concert pianist Dino Mastroyiannis (she composed and dedicated to him the “Poem” for piano left hand, Strings and Percussion), with Polish-Italian soprano Dominika Zamara (it was released CD “Life” by Edit Music Italy),  with Belgian violoncellist Nicolas Deletaille, with London based violoncellist Joe Zeitlin, also with Ukrainian violoncellist Ivan Kucher (Anna wrote and dedicated to him its Prelude for Violoncello solo).